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About Us

VIVIDUS is a luxury sports apparel brand that creates clothes for the person who appreciates detail and that wants to stand out rather than fit in. We are firm believers of when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good ...you do good!

VIVIDUS is a brand that represents those who love to win at life, who thrive when they are put to the test, and who never give up. VIVIDUS is the definition of inclusion and acceptance of all shapes, sizes, and people. Everyone should be able to live the “lifestyle” our brand offers. We provide people with the quality they deserve. VIVIDUS isn't just a clothing brand... it’s a lifestyle.

VIVIDUS is about a  Life Well Lived.

At VIVIDUS we believe a “Life Well Lived” isn’t just about wearing beautiful clothes, it’s in all aspects of your life. Doing good for yourself, your health, and most importantly others!

A percentage of all sales will go to a nationwide organization called First Tee.  Where they teach kids leadership skills through amazing programs and the best part how to play golf!  VIVIDUS’s brand motto is "Life Well Lived" what better way to really live up to the brand than donating to what is so important, children’s development and their future.

Meet the designer:

Tierra Alysia is a Native American and Filipino fashion designer from Seattle. She attended New York Fashion Academy and Central Saint Martins in London. From the time she was a little girl she always knew she would be a fashion designer. Her thirst for culture, discovering new things , and travel has helped her shape her personality as a designer. Her designs are timeless yet wildly modern.


The Founder

Tierra Alysia

“There's a world that most people don't know about until you've experienced it. One where million-dollar business deals happen daily, and men predominately take up the seats at the table.  This world is the world of golf.  Not only do I want to break the boring norm of woman’s golf attire, but I want to grab a seat at the country club table.  Woman now more than ever are becoming some of the most influential business leaders and guess what?  We play too.  My brand was created for the boss woman everywhere. Luxury at its best for the modern-day golfer, a boss woman! “- Tierra Alysia.

Why golf?

After the pandemic started and things we love to do with our friends started closing down like bowling or playing pool. I took up playing golf because it’s practically covid free.  It’s one of the only recreational activities you could still do and enjoy with friends. Plus golf is just an amazing sport all the way around.

As I visited some of the best golf courses in the US, I noticed that women's golf clothing was just plain outdated. So, I decided to create a women's golf line that still follows the proper etiquette and rules of the golf course while showing a sense of style through detail and quality.